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Address:Rukan Petos I/27, Ciledug
Tangerang 11650, Banten
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Registration Date:Oct. 17, 2009
Last Updated:Jun. 11, 2014
Business Nature:Trade of Industrial Supplies category

Company Brief

CV Global Energy Industries ( www.equipmentindustries.com ) is a well resources for oil and gas , mining, marine , petrochemical and industrial equipment .

We are one of the leading suppliers for product like Generator Power System, Power Transmission Equipment, Hydraulic Equipments, Diesel and Gas Engines. We also supply a full line of drilling rig component, pump part, mud pump, solid control equipment, oilfield pipe system, swifel parts, compressor parts and engine parts, valve and actutator, filter and fluid handling , bearing, automotion control, flow instrument, laboratory equipment, measuring instrument, process and control system, safety and protection equipment, marine and subsea equipment, refinery and petrochemical , heat exchanges, pressure vessels and boilers, separator and turbines and security system.

We supply brand equipment such as :

ABB - Airman Ajax - Allen Bradley Allison Anderson Appleton Asco Aschroft - Grenwood - Altronic - Apollo Valves - Ariel Asco - Atlas Copco Arrow Baker Hughes - Baldor - Barco Barton - Berthold - Bettis Balckmer - Blue Gizmo - Bronco Bosch Rextroth - Cabot CAL Control - Cameron Cat Pump - Caterpillar Champion Chauvin Arnoux - Chicago Pneumatic Clark - Cole Palmer Comark - Consens - Continental Cooper Crosby - Cummins - Daniel Danfoss Flow Davis - Delco Derrick - Detroit Diesel Detronics Dickson Dynasonic - Donaldson Dreco - Dresser Rand Durco - Duroflow - Eastern Oil Tools Ebara - Ecom Instrument - Elcon Instrument - Emerson Process Emsco Enerac Enervac Exelson Falk - Federal Signal - Flanagan Ironworks Fluke Foxboro - Fuji - Gardner Denver Gaso - General Electric - General Motor Goulds Pump Grenwood - Griswold - Halliburton - Harrisburg Haskel Hilliard Honeywell Huba Control - Hydra Rig - Hydril® - IDECO - Ingersoll Rand - Integrated Power Systems Isotech - ITT Barton John Deere - Kato - Kenco Kestrel - Kidde - Kimo - Fenwal Kobelco - Koomey Komatsu - Kremco Labkotec - Leeds & Northrop Leica - Leroi - Liquid Control - Louis Allis Lufkin Magnatek - Magtech MAN Martin Decker - MATTCO - MCMASTER CARR McDaniel - McDonnel & Miller - Mcelroy Marine Machinery - Miller Oilfield Milwaukee - Monoflo mtu - National Oilwell Neptune - Norgren Norman - Nuflo - Oilwell - Oil Tools Solutions Omega - Pacific Inspection Parker - Peck-O-Matic Peeco - Pittman - PLIDCO Pulsatron - Raytek - Rebound Rig Reo Truck Ridgid Tools - Rig Manufacturing International - Rohrbach Cosasco - Rolls Royce Rosemount - Ross Hill Rototherm - Russell Subsurface Ruston Saab Rosemoun - Sauerman Scanjet - Shaffer Superior Swagelok - Tech Power - TDI Starters Status Instrument Taishio - Terry Turbine - Texas Oil Tools - Thomas & Betts - Tulsa Equipment Manufacturing Turbocom - Turner Tyco - Oilfield Service Twin Disc - Uniflex - Unit Cranes Varco - VERSA Viking - Volvo - Waukesha Wafin Labko - Warren Rupp-Weatherford - Wemco -Westinghouse Transmitter - Weston Oilfield Engineering Wheatley Wilden - Williams Pumps Wilson - Woodward Governor Woolley Worthington Yamda - etc .

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